Tube Well Project For Bangladesh 

Our tube well for safe water project aims to ensure safe water for Bangladeshi peoples are living in rural areas and deprived of pure water facilities. The project contains two types of water tube wells as Shallow Tube Well and other is Deep Tube Well.  Shallow Tube Well particularly serves minimum 10 families with 100 members as usual. On the other hand, Deep Tube Well serves mass people and usually it is required in hilly areas where the water level is deepest areas.  

We know, a glass of water is much valuable than a bag of gold for a thirsty man. Considering this fact, the project is focusing its purpose of safe and pure water. ‘The Prophet  (sm) was asked, “Which charity is best?” He replied, “[Providing] water”. [Abu Dawud] Also, Sa’d ibn Ubadah R. reported: “He said, ‘O Messenger of Allah, the mother of Sa’d has died, so what is the best charity I may give on her behalf?’ The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, ‘Water.’ Sa’d dug a well and he said, ‘This is for the mother of Sa’d.’“ [Abu Dawud]

The reasons of this project

It is known to all that Bangladesh is the eighth-most populated country in the world with almost 2.2% of the world's population, where more than 90% of peoples are Muslims. Unfortunately, more than 2 million people in Bangladesh lack access to an improved water supply and 48 million lack improved sanitation. Bangladesh, with 60 per cent of the population suffering from contaminated drinking water, the country is in risk. In Bangladesh and around the world, millions are navigating the COVID-19 pandemic with the additional difficulty of surviving without access to clean water. Access to clean water is now more important than ever for the welfare of families in Bangladesh.

Purpose of the Project:

The project aims to establish water tube well in Rohingya Camp considering their present crisis and necessities. To ensure safe and pure water for Bangladeshi peoples who are deprived of it.