Rohingya Project 

Rohingya Muslims, who have been struggling to survive under oppression for hundreds of years and who were forced to be displaced after the attacks that started in 2012, are experiencing great pain.

Our Organization, which has been providing humanitarian aid to Muslims in Mayanmar since 2012 in order to alleviate human suffering in the region, have made and continue to strive to be a salve for the wounds of hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims of all ages and groups. In this effort, whose country is Bangladesh, continues its humanitarian aid efforts to deliver the donations of the Associations it serves, within the framework of Islamic, Humanitarian and Moral values, to the Rohingya people in Bangladesh, who became immigrants in their country, Myanmar, and where they migrated forcibly.

It continues to be a bridge of kindness by extending a helping hand to hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslim brothers and sisters who were forced to migrate and live in camps with unhygienic conditions.