Qurban and Eid al-Adha Project 

Every year, Mawlana abdur Rashid Socail Welfare Association  strives to share the joy of Eid al-Adha with those who are in desperate need. We have many Muslim brothers in the Arakan camps and some poor families of Bangladesh who could not afford meat to eat for months. As assist program of MARSA, we slaughter and distribute your akika, wajib, nafilah and Charity sacrifices to those who cannot afford, in accordance with Islamic rules.

1- Small Goat 

Goat slaughtering in accordance with Islamic rules and distribution to the needy, presenting the cut and distribution picture & Video to the Donor association.

2-Big Cow

Cattle, calves, cows are slaughtered and distributed to the needy in accordance with Islamic rules, and the slaughter and distribution image is presented to the Donor association.

This year, our campaign aims to distribute sacrificial meat to the less fortunate families in Bangladesh. Donate your Udhiyah to bring happiness to poor Muslims and let the hope continue.