As you know, there are many people struggle to survive in makeshift nylon houses as majority areas of rural Bangladesh is poverty-stricken. These type of houses , which are much worse than  regular tent, the younger ones specially children get serious illnesses.

The houses we build is stylish 2-room houses of 20 square meters. We have two types of house construction projects. In one, the walls are concrete and the top of the house is sheet metal.

The other type of house is concrete on the floor, and wood and sheet metal on the walls and roof.

In the camp areas where Rohingya Muslims are trying to hold on to life are more vulnerable due to sheltering problem, from wind, rain or excessiveheat and cold.To solve this problem we have house projects that accomodates 4-6 persons family with 20 m2 area house built from the bamboo tree

These houses are intending to accomodate the old people, families with small children, disabled individuals. In this campsite where there is no electricity, we solved the challenges by providing solar energy panel in goalto provide safeguard to the small childrene easing their fear from the darkness.